Alchemy Nutra

Headquartered in bustling Las Vegas, Nevada, Alchemy Nutra manufactures all types of natural-based products and offers full-service fulfillment for leading brands across North America, Europe, and Asia. The company has unique expertise manufacturing custom CBD and Hemp products and carries more than 100 stock CBD products ready-to-ship with only a few days of notice. Alchemy Nutra only uses the highest-quality, 3rd party lab-tested Cannabidiol in its products, organically sourced from a small partner network of U.S. hemp farms.

Alchemy Nutra specializes in private label branding and contract manufacturing for products such as CBD Gummies, CBD beauty products, and CBD pain relief creams. The company also offers an industry-leading on-demand fulfillment solution, which was designed to help high-volume clients effectively maximize cash flow and minimize excess inventory levels and supply chain breakage during their busiest times throughout the year.

The bottom line is Alchemy Nutra refuses to make junk. The company only creates products that bring raving fans back to clients’ retail shops or online stores again and again to purchase. Benefits of partnering with Alchemy Nutra include:
-Low Minimums
-Effective Off-the-Shelf Formulations for CBD, Hemp, Beauty, and Nutra Products
-On-Demand Fulfillment Program
-Fast Production
-Custom Product Formulation
-Product Branding and advisory
-One-Stop-Shop to Get Your Products Selling Fast

You can learn more about private label branding, contract manufacturing and on-demand fulfillment at or by sending an email to

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