Cedar Bear Naturales

Cedar Bear Naturales® (CBN) Private Label Manufacturing

Looking for the finest in liquid herbs for your product? With proprietary processes and formulations developed and crafted by Clinical & Formulary Herbalist L. Carl Robinson, the industry’s expert in 100% alcohol-free liquid herbal formulating and liquid mono-element nascent iodine processing, you will be in great hands with CBN.

CBN is the originator of our unique potent, alcohol-free glycerin-based tinctures that are concentrated and taste good. We developed the process that we named the TincTract®, as it was neither a TINCture, nor an exTRACT, but was even better! The TincTract® process produces the most potent, most effective, best tasting, liquid herbs you will find.

We use only herbs, glycerin and purified water to do our magic. The result is great tasting herbs in a liquid form that are surprisingly strong, blend well with other ingredients, and have an amazingly long shelf life.

Alcohol-free, Halal Compliant, Kosher Certified, Vegan Certified, Gluten Free and FDA cGMP inspected, our team at CBN can make our magic work for you and the products you want to bring to market. Let us help you and your business make the world a healthier place. Whether your project is for 500 bottles or 30,000+ bottles, an individual herb, complex formula, an entire line of either, or mono-element nascent iodine, we are here for you.

Whatever your need, “We have an herb for that!”™
Manufacturing fine 100% alcohol-free liquid herbal products in the U.S.A. since 1993.

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