Synergy Skin Worx

Synergy Skin Worx (Patch and Process INC.) is the lead product manufacturer located in the Pacific Northwest and has a skilled team of chemists and formulators for several products in the hemp and cannabis space. Synergy Skin Worx is our inhouse cannabis brand and we offer an array of white label products from: transdermal patches; single layer drug in adhesive patch, OTF (oral thin film), transdermal cream, effervescent tablets, kinesiology tape, and more. Spending our time and energy on product development and a targeted niche market is our core focus. Our goal is to work with a small number of established companies within the hemp and cannabis industry as we want to be able to provide one on one support to make sure you and your business succeeds.

Manufacturing Capabilities
1MM+ units a month, fully package and ready for resale
Ability to Scale production quickly
Customized pricing/projects
Custom in house packaging and logistics
COA’s for all production runs

Certifications, Licenses, and additional Information
ISO-9001, with bi-annual audits
GMPc , with annual audits
Registered with UL-WERCsmart: Registration#: 1506974
OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200 compliant SDS and MSDS sheets
ODA hemp license: AG-R1059684IHH / City of Troutdale business license: 2020-2593
Participating in national and regional big box retail sales with Walgreens, CVS, Target, Save Mart Supermarkets, New Seasons Market, and Whole Foods.
Participation on a global level with Japan and Chile

Stand Number: 807