Nuriv® is leading the CBD industry with science-based, patented technologies, which result in highly absorbable formulations with superior bioavailability over other products. In other words, their patented technology prevents CBD from being destroyed in the digestive system so it is fully absorbed and provides the greatest benefit to the consumer.

How does Nuriv accomplish this?

Nuriv® utilizes a patented technology called Esolv®, exclusively developed by Virun®, a California biotech company. Esolv® is an emulsifier which uses micelles to encapsulate non-polar compounds, allowing those compounds to be easily dissolved into liquids. The effect is that ingredients using Esolv® are more bioavailable, allowing for better absorption by the body. Better absorption = more effective formulations.

This exclusive, patented technology is available in liquid, dry powder, or bulk custom blends for a broad range of food, beverage, and supplement applications.

What are the applications and capabilities for CBD?

Nuriv`s patented microencapsulation powder technologies are available for CBD stick packs, pouches, and tubs. Patented microencapsulation liquid technologies are available for CBD beverages, shots, multi-serving serving products, pouches, soft gels and more.

Nuriv`s formulations are vegan and allergen free with a variety of flavor options.

How can Nuriv® help?

Nuriv® can assist with formulations and product development from start to finish.


Nuriv®`s experienced scientists can work with companies to formulate products with the barest of ideas to exact formulations.

Product Development | Stability & Micro-Testing | Pilot Production | Scale Up

Bulk Manufacturing

Nuriv`s state-of-the-art facility is certified organic by the State of California. Nuriv® manufactures products that are non-GMO, allergen-free, USDA organic, and GRAS (Generally recognized as safe).

Private Label Finished Products

Private label can be an efficient way for companies to distribute a product to its consumers from their company brand.

Benefits of Nuriv`s private label: Control costs and quality by manufacturing products from start to finish, from R&D to pilot production, to scale-up, co-packing, labeling, and shipping.

Customized Proprietary Finished Products

Nuriv® offers a variety of proprietary products that can be sold under the purchasing company`s label, customized to their specifications.
• CBD with EPA DHA
• CBD with EPA DHA
• CBD with CoQ10
• CBD with Astaxanthin
• CBD with B Vitamins
• and more.

Nuriv® is a company with purpose.

Nuriv® is a unique partnership between scientists, ingredients manufacturers, and finished product manufacturers, which provides our company a depth of experience that is hard to come by in the CBD space. We are well versed in the process of research and development, formulation, pilot and scale up production, packaging, and shipping. Nuriv® brings to the table a combined 30 years of experience and partners who specialize in clean oil processing, natural, non-GMO, allergen-free and Whole Foods - friendly finished product formulation.

Nuriv® is the company to take your product from idea to market. You want a CBD product that is unlike anything imaginable. Nuriv® is your resource for making the unimaginable a reality.

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