Topikal CBD

Topikal is a family owned and operated company based out of Southern California. The founders, Greg and Gary Avetisyan, were introduced to CBD early on to alleviate symptoms of their ailments. They not only found relief but noticed a positive shift in multiple areas of their health and general wellness. They opened Topikal in 2016 as the first ever CBD retail store in California. Not all CBD products are created equally, the brothers realized the importance of a reliable and honest source. They created Topikal as a tool to educate health conscious customers of CBD’s incredible potential. Now with 5 retail locations throughout Southern California, the team at Topikal works to learn and continue to inform communities on the ever-expanding properties of CBD and the potential benefits it can provide in our daily lives.
In a rapidly growing industry, the two brothers saw an educational gap between CBD and people that need it most. The store in Tarzana was the first of its kind to offer hand-picked CBD products in the region. Utilizing feedback from thousands of customers in their retail locations the brothers formulated the Topikal line of broad-spectrum hemp CBD products. Their journey has been publicized in news channels such as La Times, CBS, and Telemundo. Topikal now offers white label services for businesses who are interested in building their own brand using the power of Topikal CBD products!


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