William Tukuafu: NFL Legend Turned White-Label Executive

Meet The Man Who Has Been Making The Winning Moves

From scoring on the football field to scoring deals with white-label, Will Tukuafu has done it all. National Football League legend, Will Tukuafu, has played in 12 total NFL playoff games, including 2 Super Bowls and 4 NFC Championships. Tukuafu began his football career in college with the Oregon Ducks. He was then signed as a free agent with the Seattle Seahawks, eventually signing with the San Francisco 49ers in 2010, becoming an NFC champ in 2012.

“As a Professional Athlete I was always looking for a way to get an edge on my competition,” states Tukuafu, “I had learned early on that in this industry that ‘your body is your business’. That propelled me to take extra care of my body.” 

With the increase in cannabidiol research proving the vast benefits in sports therapy, Tukuafo knew he needed to take advantage of the industry boom and get involved. He wanted to take his skills and transition into the health and wellness industry. Will turned away from his 7 year NFL career and became the President of Probio Group, a white-label CBD manufacturing solution. By combining his athletic experience in the NFL with his passion for well-being and natural healing, Will Tukuafu’s focus on manufacturing high-quality CBD products is making waves. Now married with 3 kids, he has been sharing his story with young entrepreneurs to inspire anyone to get started on their entrepreneurial dreams. 

Tukuafu’s CBD facility works to provide great value to their customers and exceptional customer service and has made its way to being one of the leaders in the industry. His ability to accurately assess the challenges in front of him and quickly adapt in ever-changing circumstances has provided a solid foundation needed to excel in today’s health and wellness market. By combining his athletic experience with his passion for well-being and natural healing, Will Tukuafu’s new focus will do more than lift a team, it will advance a movement.

Come listen to Will spill his secrets to success on and off the field at the White Label World Expo this February at the LVCC!