The Cannavist

The Cannavist, the UK's first CBD and medical cannabis magazine, made history in January 2020 becoming the first cannabis publication on sale to the general public in the UK & Ireland.

Stocked in several major high street retailers, convenience stores and book stores across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, The Cannavist has a vast reach to Europe and beyond collaborating with events like The White Label Expo as media partners.

Issue one launched in January 2019. In keeping with the rapid expanse of the legal cannabis industry, the magazine quickly grew to incorporate a variety of brands, research, innovation and perspectives which were evolving within the UK.

Now in its second year, The Cannavist has evolved into the UK and Ireland's essential guide to CBD and medical cannabis, including everything from the people who sow the first seed to breaking down the science to finished products like, but not limited to, raw extract, oil drops, edibles, sports supplements, skincare and cosmetics and vape products.

The Cannavist balances hard-hitting first-hand accounts of how CBD and medicinal cannabis have affected those closest to us, documenting valid issues within the legal cannabis community and industry, while giving brands a space to advertise to the millions of people using CBD in the British Isles, and the 1.4 million interested in medical cannabis.


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