Alexey Peshkovsky, Ph.D.: Speaking at The Cannabis White Label World, Las Vegas

Alexey Peshkovsky, Ph.D.

President & Chief Scientific Officer - Industrial Sonomechanics

"Water-Soluble" CBD and THC: Ultrasonic Production of Cannabis Extract Nanoemulsions

About Alexey Peshkovsky, Ph.D.

Dr. Alexey Peshkovsky is a co-founder, president and Chief Scientific Officer of Industrial Sonomechanics. He is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the company and overseeing applications development. Dr. A. Peshkovsky received his B.A. in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Columbia University. His professional experience includes over 25 years as a researcher, entrepreneur, product developer, and scientific director, mainly focusing on instrumentation design and process development for the medical physics, pharmaceutical and cannabis industries. Dr. A. Peshkovsky is the author of over 40 scientific papers, utility patents, conference presentations, and books.

Being insoluble in water, orally administered cannabinoids cannot undergo gastrointestinal absorption until they are incorporated into mixed micelles, which are slowly formed in the small intestine. This presentation will demonstrate how to ultrasonically manufacture translucent “water-soluble” CBD/THC nanoemulsions that can be readily mixed into and administered as beverages. Since nanoemulsions closely mimic naturally-formed mixed micelle suspensions, they significantly accelerate the onset of action and increase the bioavailability of incorporated cannabinoids.

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