Aryn Sieber: Speaking at The Cannabis White Label World, Las Vegas

Aryn Sieber

Founder & CEO - Big Wave Enterprises

Contract Manufacturing - Building, Growing, and Scaling a Sustainable CBD Brand

About Aryn Sieber

In 2014, Aryn developed inoperable stage IV cancer from his time spent volunteering at ground zero on 9/11. Surviving treatments, he used his 40+ years of cannabis experience and his award-winning cannabis to create CBD Nectar, a proprietary blend of MCT, cannabinoids, and terpenes, and launched the CannaCauses Foundation to provide individualized cannabis therapy consultations for physician referred patients. The data collected from his more than 2,000 patients are used to support case studies and doctors seeking “real-world” data on the efficacy of CBD: THC products. As a result, his work was published in the 2020 International Journal of MS Care. In addition to consultations, Aryn conducts educational training workshops at medical symposiums and cannabis conferences, alike. In 2016, using a modified version of his CBD Nectar Aryn created CBD Essentials by Cannaisseur Brands. And, in pioneering fashion, those <0.3% THC topical formulas won “Best Product” awards in 2018 and 2019.

Discover how to build grow and scale a sustainable CBD brand with confidence and credibility. Knowledge is power, lessons learned from award-winning and medically published cannabis pioneer, Aryn Sieber. Understanding: Efficacy - Why some CBD formulas work better than others and why others don’t work at all. Marketing - Failure to plan is a plan for failure and Credibility - How to build grow and scale a credible brand.

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