Charles Barker: Speaking at The Cannabis White Label World, Las Vegas

Charles Barker

CEO - MitoSynergy LLC

Copper and CBD- investment opportunity for 2020

About Charles Barker

Charles is the inventor and patent-holder of several international and domestic patents, and applications for the World’s first Bioavailable Coppers. He was awarded an NDIN 910 No objection from the FDA for Copper Niacin or better described as Cuprous Nicotinic Acid.

During his research, he found several over-looked connections in the CBD connection and the reason why we cannot eat the copper from dirt. He believes his discoveries with living cells and copper will change the course of our understanding of blood borne bacteria pathogens.

He is currently preparing for Phase 1 human trial of a pharmaceutical version of copper. His techniques for live cell viewing have provided him insight to many unknowns.

His new passion and life’s goal is to teach what he has learned so people will stop inadvertently harming themselves by consuming copper from dirt.

Charles has been awarded a patent for the treatment of Lyme Disease.

The Synergy between CBD and Copper and why Copper is so important to the production of adenosine tri phosphate. Copper is the most unique mineral known to humans and it’s the most misunderstood as well. Copper is an element of life but when misused, it is harmful. Due to a personal family injury, the truth about copper is now known. Once attending Charlie Barker’s seminar, you will be in the top 1% of people understanding how copper works in animals and plants. The over-looked importance of the chemiosmotic reactions of the mineral copper.

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