Chris Judge: Speaking at The Cannabis White Label World, Las Vegas

Chris Judge

Director of Manufacturing Operations - Made By Hemp/ MHR Brands

The Truth Behind Quality CBD Product Manufacturing

About Chris Judge

Chris Judge is the Director of Manufacturing Operations at Made By Hemp and has 20+ years of experience with multiple industries and CPG products. As a graduate of Michigan State University in Packaging, Chris has held a variety of roles in manufacturing, product development, and Logistics for small to billion dollar corporations.

Chris moved into the CBD world fuelled by a passion to help the environment and people live healthier lives through natural solutions. By applying modern manufacturing techniques to CBD products, his hope is to promote the use of Industrial Hemp and make quality CBD products that will help people and be affordable for everyone.

Combining lessons learned from beverage, plastics, automotive, cosmetics, nutrition, and personal care industries, Chris has a large library of knowledge that he applies to CBD manufacturing.

CBD products are probably the fastest emerging CPG market thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. Experts estimate now that it has near a $2Billion market cap. Since 2013, we have seen and experienced probably every possible scenario with these types of products. We will be open and honest about the myths, risks, pitfalls and positives associated with manufacturing and carrying quality CBD products lines as part of your product mix.

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