Dani Fontaine Billings: Speaking at The Cannabis White Label World, Las Vegas

Dani Fontaine Billings

Co-Founder/Owner - Colorado Hemp Project and Nature’s Root

Why CBD, Why Now, & Why You?

About Dani Fontaine Billings

Dani Fontaine-Billings, co-founder, visionary, and a pioneer of cannabis, remains as one of the top, most sought after consultant in the world. A driving force behind the Colorado Hemp Project and Nature’s Root, Dani began her career with a mission in mind, to save the world through hemp and to help people. Extremely passionate about what she does every day.

As a highly sought-after hemp industry speaker Dani Fontaine will be educating on the hemp plant as a whole, how CBD works in the body, and the many benefits of the plants restorative power for overall health and wellness application.

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