David Garner: Speaking at The Cannabis White Label World, Las Vegas

David Garner

CEO - Molecular Health Technologies Florida, LLC

How to successfully integrate proprietary nutraceutical ingredients into the CBD market

About David Garner

David Garner has been in the nutraceutical industry over 20 years and has been the Managing Partner and currently CEO of a dietary supplement organization since 2001. Mr. Garner has transformed the current organization, Molecular Health Technologies, from an ingredient supply company into a proprietary, clinically studied ingredient company and further transitioned into an 8-figure white label manufacturer offering innovative delivery technologies. The core competency is in the softgel and oral dissolving strip delivery technologies including CBD formulations.

Mr. Garner attended George Washington University and was formerly a market maker in the equities markets in Chicago and Wall Street. Understanding the volatility in trading the commodity markets has served Mr. Garner well in importing and purchasing botanical ingredients and extracts for the dietary supplement industry. Maintaining proper inventories to support steady pricing and product consistency is a vital component in the white label marketplace.

The seminar will illustrate the benefit of integrating clinically studied proprietary nutraceutical ingredients into the CBD/Hemp finished product market creating the ability to have label claims for condition-specific categories. We will further explain the different delivery technologies available to deliver these formulations and the enhanced bioavailability created.

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