David Peterson: Speaking at The Cannabis White Label World, Las Vegas

David Peterson

Founder & Chief R&D Scientist - Natures Fusions Essential Oils

Combining Essential Oils with CBD – The New Frontier

About David Peterson

David Peterson is the founder and chief R&D scientist at Nature’s Fusions. For over 10 years, he has collaborated with retailers and natural practitioners to create new products and shake up the essential oil , CBD and cosmetic market with radical designs.

His product formulas (under the Nature’s Fusions brand and many others) are sold in tens of thousands of stores worldwide.

An avid proponent of fitness, natural health, and lifelong nutrition, David also conquered bipolar through extreme dieting, and spends his time reading medical research articles and designing.

David also runs a studio near his home in the mountains of Utah, where people can customize their own natural skincare products featuring some of his exclusive formulas.

The hemp market is rapidly approaching saturation, with thousands of new brands in the past year, each launching similar products. But hemp is just one of many extracts in the natural world. In this workshop, learn the secrets to the benefits of hybrid products - products that leverage hemp along with a range of other natural ingredients. Whether using pepper extract to increase bioavailability, citrus extracts to lengthen half-life, or sensitizers to increase skin permeability, hybrid ingredients set a product apart from the competition and create something different that no one else has.

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