Lamarr Houston: Speaking at The Cannabis White Label World, Las Vegas

Lamarr Houston

Founder & COO - EZ VENDING

From NFL to CBD Champ- Cultivating Wins in 2021

About Lamarr Houston

Lamarr Houston is an expert in Venture Capitalism. After spending almost a decade as a key player for different organizations throughout the NFL, he chose to spend his post-football life pursuing Venture Capitalism. Lamarr’s mission is to spread this knowledge and expand opportunities to current and retired athletes.

Lamarr has led various football programs to national championships throughout his career. He established his name in the industry while at the same time was continuing his quest for knowledge and experience outside of sports. In addition to being recognized for leadership and work ethic, he is very humanitarian and spends time giving back to youth programs.

Lamarr will start by giving a brief background on himself, as well as a background on the company. He will then dive into our mission, normalizing cannabis, the benefits of CBD, and the controversy surrounding cannabis (being a major industry and how there are many people in jail on related charges). He will also go over the availability of cannabis and CBD products, and how our company is the forward-thinking solution.

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