Melinda Beville, BS: Speaking at The Cannabis White Label World, Las Vegas

Melinda Beville, BS

Principal - I Label It Skincare

White label's best kept secret- CBD Entourage Skincare

About Melinda Beville, BS

Melinda Beville - Principal of I Label It Skincare is a natural fit for the creative force behind a skincare company emphasizing skin health through the "Entourage Effect" in skincare. Growing up a red-headed swimmer and lifeguard in sunny Northern California, she experienced, first-hand, the detrimental effects of sun exposure on her fair complexion. Unfortunately, her sun-damaged skin combined with her MC1R genetic sensitivities to cosmetics and skincare products left her few viable options in effective anti-aging skincare products that didn't cause an inflammation response or sensitivities.
Determined to find solutions, she developed a skincare line that carefully balanced therapeutic anti-aging efficacy with non-reactive, botanically infused, and skin healthy ingredients (with the help of her father, a PhD in Natural Products Chemistry).

Hence the history behind the inception of Skin Holistic 13 years ago and eventually I Label It Skincare Skin Health Products USA. Melinda continues to drive the company today to offer ultra-fresh formulations utilizing small-batch manufacturing so our clients will benefit from oils and actives that are "fresh" and clinically efficacious. Combining natural botanicals of the highest quality, and further enhancing the formulations with actives* (*ingredients added specifically to produce a desired result, i.e. reduce redness or inflammation), we strive to create an "Entourage Effect" in every product we offer. Each and every ingredient in the skin healthy formulations is carefully chosen to deliver desired results, increase absorption or naturally and safely preserve the formulation.

Fostering a mission to provide problem-solving, niche products from science backed, cutting edge, Vegan, CBD Entourage Corneotherapy to Skin Healthy Anti-Aging Serums, Melinda guides I Label It Skincare to continually innovate to be on top of the latest science-based, skin health trends.

"Entourage Effect" is a term used to describe a synergistic combination of natural botanical components interacting together and with the human body to produce a stronger influence than any one of those components used alone, in essence creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This brief seminar, presented by Melinda Beville - Principal of I Label It Skincare, explores the �Entourage Effect� not only with CBD and Terpenes, but also an entire ingredient deck, including efficacy of the delivery of those natural botanical components or �actives� to create the �Entourage Effect� in skincare products.

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