Russ Cersosimo Jr.: Speaking at The Cannabis White Label World, Las Vegas

Russ Cersosimo Jr.

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer - Hemp Synergistics

Innovation in Integrating CBD into Food and Nutraceuticals

About Russ Cersosimo Jr.

Russell Cersosimo Jr. is the co-founder of Hemp Synergistics, a biotechnology company dedicated to making intelligent hemp products. Hemp Synergistics provides industry solutions including remediation services, formulations and manufacturing of consumer products and ingredients in the food, nutraceutical, wellness and law enforcement industries.

In 2015, Cersosimo founded the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society (PAMCS), the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s largest organization for professionals, educators, and leaders in the industry. Since its inception, PAMCS has been involved in over 50 educational events throughout the country. PAMCS and Cersosimo’s advocacy efforts were instrumental in 2016’s successful legalization campaign. In 2017, Cersosimo co-founded Keystone Integrated Care, a medical cannabis dispensary with three locations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A serial entrepreneur as far back as his days studying Psychology at West Virginia University, Cersosimo founded Webbula, a data-centric technology company headquartered in California. In 2009, Cersosimo took an idea from concept to market, generating high-profile clientele including Google, Yahoo, T-Mobile, Neustar, and Epsilon. Webbula is now an international leader in the data industry.

Additionally, Cersosimo founded the marketing firm Optimal Reach Media, a marketing and design firm that secured UPMC and the US Department of Defense as clients within the first year of business.

Cersosimo currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Tourettes Syndrome Awareness Foundation and is the Chairman of the Board of the Medical Cannabis Society.

The current state of the industry has been squeezing hemp oil into a jar, watering it down with a carrier oil and calling it medicine. Obstacles in dosing, delivery, and taste are creating challenges for the Food and Nutraceutical industries, developing a need for advancements in CBD as an ingredient before it goes mainstream. This seminar covers new and novel methods for integrating CBD and other cannabinoids as ingredients into food and nutraceutical products.

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