Shirley Cheung: Speaking at The Cannabis White Label World, Las Vegas

Shirley Cheung

Owner - Hemptotally

How CBD changed my life

About Shirley Cheung

Began my first company doing wireless accessories in 2001, while traveling to Asia and seeing the craze of flashy antennas. One idea because the pillar for my company growth. As trends and market change so has my company. With dedicated staff, some who started from day one has remain propel me to seek more opportunities. Their dedication to learn and thrive in ever changing economy has brought on many different products from DVD to electronic cigarettes. Being a minority women has its challenges but with dedication and faith I am able to build strong partnerships and have supportive customers to mold my success.

Travel and work have been my life for years. We all know how stressful those 14-hour red-eye flights can be. Sleeping pills always made me groggy. When I discovered CBD was a drug-free alternative, I decided to create a health and wellness company.

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