Vern of GrowthCell Global: Speaking at The Cannabis White Label World, Las Vegas

Vern of GrowthCell Global

Managing Consultant and Visionary - GrowthCell Global Corp

How GrowthCell Formula Offers Missing Nutrients Essential To The Lifespan Of Your Pet

About Vern of GrowthCell Global

Vern is GrowthCell Global's Managing Consultant and Visionary. His personal story was to help alleviate the pain in his 10 year old Presa Canario dog, Titan, who is 130 pounds and had signs of arthritis. Since being on GrowthCells' pet formula he is doing better than ever and has become more like a puppy again. Vern's mission is to help other pet owners and people see the healing powers of mother nature.

Vern will be presenting a session in the Global Cell Growth masterclass- to book your place click here and scroll down for booking details.

PetCell is a natural formula for your companion animal and has been designed to complement and enhance any feeding program. It contains nutrients critical to maximizing their health and lifespan, regardless of age or condition. The natural growth factors in our pet formulas have the same nutrients that their ancestors depended upon to thrive in the wild.

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