Carrie's Essentials

Carrie’s Essentials is a family-owned and operated CBD company based in the scenic American Southwest, named after our mother/grandmother and inspired by her legacy. 


Encouraged by the plant-based potential of hemp to support healthy, happy lifestyles, our CBD brand is dedicated to raising the bar for quality and consistency. At Carrie’s Essentials, we firmly believe in the power of natural healing, and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge (and our products!) with the world.

When you choose to invest in your well-being by purchasing CBD products from Carrie’s Essentials, here are just a few of the benefits you can look forward to:

  • 100% American-grown hemp, sourced only from the highest-quality farms

  • All products are vegan and organic

  • Our products are free from binders, fillers, dyes, excipients, pesticides, or any unknown substances or contaminants

  • We use only premium broad-spectrum CBD, giving you access to the full range of terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids from the hemp plant

  • All products are extensively tested to confirm that they contain no detectable THC

  • Because all our hemp oil utilizes the same extraction process, the consistency of our products is unmatched

  • Product options that offer an extremely high absorption rate, double that of our competitors

  • Every single batch is thoroughly tested to ensure product quality and consistency 

Additionally, when you become part of Carrie's community you also help us support young women attending college. Carrie's Essentials supports the Carrie J. Gray Scholarship Program administered by PWEN. This non-profit organization provides mentorship and financial assistance to young women throughout their collegiate journey to help them complete their education and walk across that stage.

Booth Number: 2048