BE LABS, makers of CBD LUXE, VariGood Brands, and more, is a nutraceutical company with a passion for using plant-based science to improve health and wellness. At BE LABS, the science of plants is our abiding passion, and we use that passion to build our commitment to our customers’ health and wellness the world over. As a health and wellness lifestyle brand leader, we have been at the forefront of hemp-based cannabinoid science. We are a dynamic and innovative product formulation company with a ceaseless commitment to excellence. We offer professional cGMP-certified compliant manufacturing capabilities, fulfillment operations, and great customer service. Our brands are global leaders in the industry:

  • CBD LUXE (

  • BEVarin(TM) Extract Oil 

  • ZVArin+ (

  • Alpha Varin

  • Nohona

BEVarin(TM) Multi-Spectrum Hemp Extract is a revelation in holistic plant health. BEVarin(TM) (among a myriad of health benefits) has been shown in clinical studies to suppress appetite and control A1C - providing 100% natural weight and diabetes management. It is derived from an ancient landrace hemp strain found only in a remote province in China. BE LABS’ proprietary extraction process achieves the highest naturally-occurring Cannabidivarin (CBDV) & Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) profile of any cannabis oil on the market. The ZVarin+ line of products is a breakthrough in natural health support, and we are making these products available for white label and 3rd-party manufacturing the world over.  BE LABS Accelerator is our Private Label Program, specializing in partnering with clients to develop the highest quality CBD products while remaining 100% transparent. Grow your CBD business. Partner with the best in the industry. Our services include:

  • Private Labeling CBD Products

  • Custom CBD Product Formulas

  • CBD Product Manufacturing

  • Labeling & Package Design

  • Shipping & Order Fulfillment 

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