Beneficial Blends

Beneficial Blends is the premier manufacturer of high quality, customized products with beneficial health attributes including edible oils and fats, CBD, dietary supplements, cosmetics and aromatherapy products.
Beneficial Blends manufactures a variety of private label CBD-infused products including ingestible, topicals and aromatherapy products available to fit manufacturing and retailer needs. The company is recognized for launching NanoLyte™, the first-ever clear, certified water-soluble CBD with non-detectible THC making it the most effective and easily added ingredient for any beverage, food, dietary supplement or cosmetic product. The CBD emulsion is developed by a global team of leading Ph.D.’s and made in Beneficial Blends, FDA compliant, manufacturing facility resulting in high bioavailability, water compatibility, neutral taste, transparent color, and long-term product stability. The company’s 50,000 square foot facility maintains an SQF Level III rating, a FLDBPR cosmetics permit, while holding USDA Certified Organic, Kosher, and Fair For Life Certifications – setting the benchmark for quality in the industry.
Recently Beneficial Blends launched its own retail-ready brand, Chillax’n™ CBD, making it the highest-quality, most affordable, CBD on the market. The new line of CBD products includes premium CBD concentrate tinctures, single-dose shots, beverage enhancers, mouth sprays, body creams, mask sprays, candles and diffusers. The products are ‘Chillax’n Free’ as it contains non-detectable THC and is designed to help provide relief, relaxation and recovery where it’s needed most.?

Booth Number: 3098