Hemp Synergistics

Who we are: Hemp Synergistics is a biotechnology company that creates intelligent hemp products. Our mission can be summarized in three words: Science, Quality, Solutions. We believe in leveraging our team’s multi-industry expertise to solve major problems in the hemp industry by creating the most effective products for our consumers and partners.

Sectors we service: Food, beverage, supplement, nutraceutical, health, wellness and law enforcement industries.

Executive Team: Hemp Synergistics’ executive team members are veterans in nutraceutical formulation, global supply chain development, and controlled substance testing from numerous government agencies, including Department of Health, FDA, and the FTC. With extensive experience in regulatory testing, laboratory management, business development, supply chain development, formulation, marketing, sales, and operations, Hemp Synergistics is emerging as a leader in the hemp industry.

We offer complete start to finish solutions for your hemp needs including:
- Patented intelligent ingredients for the food and nutraceutical industries
- THC-free distillation and remediation services
- THC-free distillate for wholesale
- High quality consumer products for wholesale and retail
- Product development and branding services for cannabinoid products

Ingredient differentiators:
Bio-Dri™ (for capsule and other nutraceuticals)
- 50% CBD (most concentrated on market)
- Flows well in capsule filling machines
- High concentrations allows room for condition specific complementary ingredients
- Made from THC-free broad-spectrum hemp oil
- Patented Bio-Dri ™ technology with the addition of CannaBoost™ avoids first-pass
metabolism, making cannabinoid ingredients 10x more powerful.

Hemp Bake Mix (for functional foods)
- Completely tasteless (others require masking agents and sweeteners)
- No change to existing recipe
- Easy to mix/dose
- Vegan
- Gluten Free
- 100% all natural
- Made from THC-free broad-spectrum hemp oil

Booth Number: 4050