Hierba Buena Inc

Due to recent historical changes occurring on the legal side of Marijuana, the need has risen to educate the community on this matter. As members of the Hispanic Community, our team’s mission is to provide that education and knowledge in Spanish, with the goal of reaching a larger international demographic. As of the moment, we already have a presence in Mexico that is allowing us to take advantage of the positive legal changes happening around Marijuana. Our vision is to encourage these same legal changes globally by educating the community and ending the stigma of such a miraculous plant.

We have partnered with various White Label Vendors that have helped us create unique, high quality CBD infused products that we’re currently offering in the U.S and Mexico. However, this is an ever-growing industry and therefore we are still searching for other mutually beneficial business relationships that will allow our vision to become a reality.

In the meantime, we continue to use our social media platforms and website to provide the best educational resources possible from the most reliable sources. We also continue to offer high quality CBD Infused Products in the U.S, Mexico and hopefully soon, other parts of the world.

Booth Number: 3048