Kaiju Organics

Kaiju Organics is a small family-owned business located in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded by John and Andrew Park, a father-son duo, on the premise of finding ways to alleviate the symptoms of pain. Pain is an ancient and universal qualm that has affected many generations before and will impact many generations onward. Pain as we know it, will shake people physically and emotionally in very intimate and different ways. In society today, people are trying to navigate the concept of pain and seek relief and peace, but many people experience a lot of misinformation and lack of resources to attain the relief they search for.

In the Park family, each individual has encountered their bit with this problem. John has experienced severe back pain from a pre-existing injury, his parents both experiencing pain from arthritis and old age. Andrew has not only suffered many physical injuries, but also suffered in the hands of depression and emotional pain that caused him to seek out other alternatives to move on. Every member of the family trusted modern day medicine to provide a cure to their chronic pain, but the results were not lasting. As you can see, the Park family has all experienced pain in very different ways, their experiences spurred them on to be in pursuit of alternative medicine that would not only curb the symptoms, but curb the symptoms without any other long-term harmful effects all while achieving total sobriety, clarity, and happiness.

The experience that finally started this passionate search began due to Andrew’s up close and personal experience. Andrew has had the privilege of serving and helping veterans through his ROTC program. He witnessed first-hand how our nation’s people have suffered with minimal help to get back up in society. Andrew was astounded by the lack of care that veterans and people with mental illness received and wondered why people were being overmedicated and undereducated about the alternatives. In his pursuit, Andrew came across cannabis. Being raised and surrounded by conservative ideas, the idea of cannabis was hard to grapple with, but after hearing the voices of others and later on trying it out for himself, Andrew was able to set aside his biases to really learn and share his new found knowledge of this misunderstood resource.

When coming up with a company name and mission, John and Andrew fell in love with the concept of Kaiju, in reference to the the great character, Godzilla, because of the carrying title that came with being the “King of the Monsters” as well as being a force of chaotic good. To them, they saw Kaiju as a misunderstood creature that really emulated the current modern-day battle surrounding the concept of cannabis.

Today, Kaiju Organics stands by creating strong, effective, and natural organic CBD products that alleviate members of our community and share carefully crafted products to enhance the quality of life for others and battle this universal problem we know as pain. Kaiju Organics aims to allow customers to unleashes their potential and most powerful selves as they approach their day.


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