Leaf Tea Company

Tea has a wonderful history spanning over thousands of years, evolving across cultures worldwide as an effective medicine for ailments of every kind. Leaf Tea Company has now heightened the many benefits of drinking tea to a whole new level by utilizing a unique application of water-soluble CBD infusion into every blend. Our mission is to enhance the lives of tea drinkers globally, hand selecting beneficial tea blends to promote healing, relaxation, and tranquility of the body, mind, and soul. Not only do we source the finest ingredients for superior flavor, our specialized infusion of water-soluble CBD allows the body to absorb up to 12 times more of the CBD benefits, improving ailments, and increasing overall effectiveness. Sounds incredible right? So, what are you waiting for? We implore you to brew some for yourself. Choose a blend that best suits your palette and join the many who have found resolve in a simple cup of tea. Leaf Tea Company has a strong focus on transparency and has gone the extra mile by utilizing professional cannabis researchers to provide comprehensive data sheets in support of any and all claims made. We look forward to sharing more about how Leaf Tea Company can support your healthy lifestyle. Visit our website to learn more and join the Leaf Tribe by subscribing to our informative newsletter. Would you like to add CBD tea varieties to your company’s offerings? With Leaf Tea Company’s expertise, we are able to serve various customer groups around the world by offering full service white labeling. Leaf Tea Company can source, blend, infuse, and package specialized tea blends for your company And that’s not all; our team of professionals can provide full branding services with one-of-a-kind custom logos, packaging, website design, marketing materials, and more. Contact us at whitelabel@leafteacompany.com for more details.

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