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Partnered Process: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

Partnered Process

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The Partnered Process Difference CULTIVATION All products are crafted using certified organic 'hemp sources from one of our partnered farms. Partnered Process was founded by two lifelong friends with a common goal: use clean, organic materials and environmentally-friendly methods to locally process hemp and produce high-quality botanicals. What started as a dream has become a vertically integrated CBD manufacturing and supply operation employed by honest, hard-working Wisconsinites. We provide a holistic approach backed by science and ethical sourcing for people across the United States. We work directly with farmers to deliver superior products to our customers and resale partners. This ensures everyone involved, from farmer to customer, receives the best product possible at maximum value. THE ART OF EXTRACTION Our unique small batch extraction method guarantees high quality botanicals. TruTransparency We provide complete manufacturing transparency, from cultivation to distribution. The way we produce - naturally, locally, and organically - is the reason your customers put our product in their cart. The way we back our products with quality testing and sources is the reason your customers come back for more. FULL SPECTRUM OIL We utilize all the hemp plant has to offer. Better products produce better results for our customers. FOLLOW THE JOURNEY OF YOUR PRODUCT Give your customers the experience of tracking their products from the Wisconsin farm it was sourced from direct to its package. LAB TESTING Transparency is key. QR codes provide info on 3rd party testing & the farm where the hemp was harvested. Third-party laboratory testing Individual product birth certificates Every order comes with QR code that shows the Farm source & testing. CGMP compliant LOOK BEHIND THE CURTAIN DISTRIBUTION Timely delivery of our products proves that customer service is essential to who we are. If interested, please schedule a facility tour with your sales representative. Connect with the farmers, engineers, businessmen and medically-trained staff that make up your Partnered Process team. We're not smoke and mirrors here-we're real people manufacturing quality CBD products for your brand.

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