Solverra Holistics

With a combined 20 years in the Botanical Holistic Industry, the Estrada Family and Solverra Holistics International have been able to quickly expand their business. From providing topicals for their grandfather to providing botanical products to the World! Solverra Holistics International now offers products in multiple industries that provide products with various proprietary formulations that provide solutions to the world

Over the past two years, as Solverra Holistics has started our journey, we now provide full-spectrum botanicals derived from plants and a complete seed to sale system. Our Team covers over 1000’s acres of partnership farms as well as our own farm to provide top of the line genetics for our growers. We harvest our huge plants into a top of the line GMP and Organic Certified Extraction Laboratory. We use Supercritical Co2 Extraction and solventless distillation. Solverra makes our own proprietary blends along with other herbs and botanicals to bring the best holistic blends. These blends come in the form of topicals, lotions, salves, liquids, cosmetics, and so many other fantastic products!

Browse our many Solverra Holistics products as well as the wide variety of products available in our marketplace. Solverra strives to be the largest resource of high quality botanical products on Earth.

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