Kim Koehler: Speaking at The Cannabis White Label World, Las Vegas

Kim Koehler

Founder & CEO - Privy Peach

How Cannabis is Changing the Sexual Health and Wellness Industry

About Kim Koehler

Kim Koehler is a 36-year-old female entrepreneur who has been a pioneer in the CBD industry. She has been an entrepreneur for 14 years and has launched several successful companies, but her biggest passion has been women’s targeted CBD products. She has made waves in navigating two high-risk industries simultaneously, sex and cannabis. Through her personal recovery from sexual trauma and newfound passion to help empower women through their own sexual health and wellness journey, she has been able to develop products to benefit both mental and physical sexual health.

Through her beautiful and unique brand Privy Peach, she has had an impact on thousands of lives across the United States, and multiple other countries. While her primary focus has been on CBD infused sexual health and wellness products, in 2020, she also launched a whole line of vegan and cruelty free cbd cosmetics and bath and body products.

Kim will explain the benefits of cannabis for both mental and physical sexual health. She will also go in to depth of the importance of brand identity, trust and accountability for developing brand loyalty in a venerable industry.

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