Matt Russell: Speaking at The Cannabis White Label World, Las Vegas

Matt Russell

CEO & Lab Director - Wellphora

Influencing the Customer Buying Decision in a Rapidly Changing Market

About Matt Russell

Matt Russell brings his dynamic speaking style and 20+ years of eclectic business ownership experience as a Featured Presenter of this year’s show. A retired Fire Department Captain, Matt is the CEO and Lab Director of Novas Labs. He is the originator and developer of Wellphora CBD. He has leveraged his life-experience as a Toxicology Paramedic, Hazardous Materials Expert, and Entrepreneur, with his love of science and mathematics, to successfully create the most effective and innovative CBD products on the market today. In addition to the recognized efficacy of the Wellphora product line (incorporating superior skin care products), marketing and branding have set Wellphora CBD apart in a rapidly expanding industry crowded with rising stars. Above all, Matt is passionate about mentoring and helping others realize their own potential.

Take your business to the next level with cutting-edge “Trade Secrets” from an industry leading expert in the field. The CEO and Lab Director of Novas Labs will break down the nuances of gaining market share in a highly competitive market by covering topics such as branding, pricing, product placement and sales staff training. This highly interactive presentation will share information of proven marketing strategies unique to the CBD Industry.

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